Hot Wheel Cardboard Bridge

Since it was raining today, I thought that EB and I could build a bridge together.

Supplies needed: cardboard, paper roll, old newspaper, scissors, bread knife, hot glue, ruler, pen

Activity time: 1 hour, may be faster if all pieces are pre-cut.

Outcome: Endless playtime :))

Assembly plan:  

First I measured out the panels, cut them out and glued them together. I began with glueing the connector flaps under the middle track of the bridge. I then glued the side ramp panels on top of the flaps. 

EB helped pressing the panels together and noticed how warm the hot glue gets. PLEASE, if you’re doing this at home, make sure to keep the little ones away from the hot glue gun or exposed hot glue!

Then I sawed the paper towel roll into 4 equal long pieces to become the pillars of the bridge.

Make sure to measure a height of the pillars that your kid’s cars will fit under.

To increase the pillars stability we pressed newspaper into the pipe. EB was a great helper!

I glued the pillars under the bridge, cut out railings and glued them on also.

It ended up being a really sturdy design and fun to play with!

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