Cardboard Lap Table – Quick & Easy

I cannot believe how easy and quick this project was– not to mention how useful! 

Yesterday we brought home a huge box, which we will soon turn into our son’s reading cave. But any parent knows when the kids it’s on the floor he needs a little table!

I found this craft idea from The Centisble Life – so I thought we would try it out and make some editions of our own!

Sturdy box
Box cutter
(hot) glue
Heavy duty tape
Extra cardboard (optional)

Paints & Decorations (optional)

Step 1: Cut off flaps of top of box


Step 2: Lift bottom up flaps and slide the long (cut off) flaps under. Glue them in.
This creates a stronger table top.



Step 3: Flip box over and if you wish, glue a large piece of cardboard to make a flat surface on top. I used two colors of heavy tape to secure it down. Now the surface is wipe down-able!




Step 4: Decide the shape of the cutout. We wanted a rounder look, so we traced a large lid and cut it out.

Step 5: Decorate and enjoy!



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