Incense Holder from Paper Towel Roll 

It wasn’t just super easy to put together, but the fact that I was starting the day with a quick n little cheap upcycling project feels really rewarding.

Aviva brought home some insence sticks yesterday that I wanted to burn in my office today while working. But where to stick it in?

Hmmm, why don’t I make a insence holder!!!

So, I took a pair of scissors, a paper towel roll and a little piece of cardboard.

I fired up the hot glue gun while cutting the roll in half. 

I cut out a piece of thicker cardboard to sit on top of the roll as a bridge with a little cravis that would hold the insence stick in place. 

I poked a hole in the roll.

 I then glued all pieces together, put the insence stick in to measure, cut into the bridge, adjusted the roll to stand firmly – and voilà!

I then shaped a sheet of aluminum foil as an inlay to protect the card board from catching fire.

Seriously, it’s that simple! And it basically costs nothing!

It’s a pretty cool handmade gift too!!!

Now, of course you can decorate it however you want. I’m going to enjoy the raw look for now!

Have a creative day!!!


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